Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Comprehensive Solutions for Proactive Protection

Security and Infrastructure of a building are important to keep your employees, students, customers, and clients safe and protected.  As the world continues to devolve into a more chaotic and dangerous place, the value of assessing the vulnerabilities of your office building, school or college campus, apartment complex, or home is becoming increasingly critical.

Pillars of Security Infrastructure

  • Campus access
  • Building access
  • Visitor management system
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Access control
  • Emergency notifications
  • Emergency Plans
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Interdictions
  • Lighting
  • Parking lots
  • Training in crisis management
  • Go-kits and first aid

The above are just a few pillars of security infrastructure necessary to respond to the smallest types of crises to the most dangerous and unthinkable, and the process starts with an evaluation and assessment of existing assets.  From this point, we will identify and prioritize critical needs, and help you organize and initiate an emergency plan that makes sense for your situation.

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